Basic skills trainers all over Europe name professional exchange among trainers, targeted further education and networking as most important to assure quality in provision of basic skills. So far, professional exchange among trainers has taken place on a regional or national level. ShareIT offers a cross border opportunity to exchange experience, learn from each other and network in a very specific and individualized context.

ShareIT wants to encourage trainers from participating countries to go on transnational exchange and attend the training in one of the partner countries to learn from colleagues and improve their competencies. Trainers receive a theoretical and practical insight into the work of their colleagues abroad.

Country: Germany
Date of Training: on request
Contact: Frank Drecoll, Stiftung Berufliche Bildung (SBB)

Training Objectives

  • Exchange and insight into basic skills activities in Germany
  • Practical insight through job shadowing and use of methods on informal exchange in hosting Organisations
  • Knowledge of working conditions of basic skills trainers in the hosting Organisations
  • Knowledge of the actual implementation of the measures in the context of or in contrast to the officially conveyed political representation in the respective countries
  • Knowledge of the significance of basic skills in the participating countries.

Learning outcomes

  • Participants know about the framework conditions for basic skills provision in Germany
  • Participants know about the different priorities of basic skills measures in the hosting institutions
  • Participants know about basic skills programmes in the hosting Organisations
  • Participants know about the working situations of basic skills trainers in Germany
  • Participants learn about methodology and didactics of basic skills provision in the institutions visited
  • Participants get a practical insight into the work with the addressed target groups


  • Plenary sessions in the beginning and ending of the trainings weeks
  • Individual training and professional exchange in the Organisations
  • Job Shadowing of basic skills trainers
  • Reflection of the learning experiences in small groups
  • Written evaluation about the learning outcomes in a learning-diary.


Training Schedule 12th - 16th October 2015


Training Organisations


  SSB  KOM   SOS  Arbeit  Karola

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